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Natural rubber (primarily) + minerals + vegetable oils + fillers (eg. cork, rice husks) + natural pigments


Cellulose, Terpene, Hevein

building blocks


material origin

Sandwich sheet


8 – system complete and qualified


A bioneutral, nature birthed, truly shape-shifting matter.

This one happens to be a plastic-free plant alternative to leather.

Natural rubber & minerals, structural colorant, agro-waste fibers, fillers like coconut & rice hulls and plant oils allow MIRUM® to connect and be molded into shape without any forced processes - and waste-water!, but to rather simply utilize the quantity already present through the natural ingredients themselves, ditching glue and other similar adhesives altogether.

Crafted using green chemistry, the technology behind MIRUM® grants it the opportunity to break down into its natural elements at end-of-life and become a nutrient of our invaluable ecosystem, returning to Earth's warm embrace once anew.

Natural Fiber Welding
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Performance without petrochemicals.

No synthetic fibres.

No Plastics / PFAS / Phthalates / Heavy Metals.

Durable and waterproof.

Smells lovely (thanks to natural rubber).

The following might interest you designers:

"The Primary Collection comes in four plant personalities — corn, rice, coconut, and cork. These SKUs of MIRUM® showcase natural variety of plant input color and texture variation.

The Signature Collection offers more customization options than Primary MIRUM® with regard to color, shine, texture, grain, scent, temper, thickness, and fabric backers.

Available fabric backers: White/Black Cotton Interlock, White/Black Cotton Canvas - organic cotton & other natural backers available upon request."


Naturally circular.

100% Recyclable.

100% Returnable to Earth. Though, they don't look to target the rapid timeframe of biodegradability - but rather aim to put their focus on the lone durability of the product.

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Well, fashion, of course. The range is following - accessories, footwear, apparel & clothing details, etc.

Not to omit automotive and furniture applications, such as upholstery - you can really get creative.



Production process

The abovementioned base ingredients are first mixed & shaped into sheets, forming a unique combination of characteristics and aesthetics. After the mechanical processing, curing & finishing touches like patterns and fabric backers come into play, applying and adding texture to the material. The texture is imparted in a single step, during the heating and pressing stage of the process where the material connects with the backing through a fully natural way - without the need for any adhesives at all.

"MIRUM is a designer's dream." Just like that.

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Manufacturing facts

Scalable and affordable to mass produce. They use very accessible ingredients (like rubber & plant oil), considerably increasing their product's availability - as recognized by even one of Allbirds representatives - a brand they continuously collaborate with.

production time

MIRUM is made in the USA at their facility in Peoria, Illinois - a facility which utilizes renewable wind energy!

the factory

Behind the screen

Luke Haverhals & Steve Zika



time & place

Ralph Lauren, Porsche, Woolly, H&M, Bellroy, Richemont, Felder Felder, Camper, Pangaia, Vivobarefoot




USDA 100% Biobased Certification