Notpla Rigid

Notpla Rigid

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Organic seaweed by-products



building blocks


material origin



9 – actual system proven in operational environment


Organic substitute for conventional rigid plastics - yet another algae product in the Notpla line!

It uses the fibrous by-product of industrially processed seaweed, successfully packing away a wasted resource.

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Rigid (no pun intended).

Good protection for even the most fragile of products - recently, the first ever packaging made out of seaweed in the watchmaking industry got a public presentation!

Customizable thickness.


Designed to break down naturally. Home compostable.

100% biobased.

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Rigid Cutlery

Rigid Cosmetics Shell

Rigid Product Shell

Though, it really can be moulded to fit a vast range of products - especially with the recent inclusion of the Notpla Lab where their talented researchers are always willing to collaborate and help brands establish their identity in the inclusive world of organic materials.

Ideal for protecting heavy and delicate items usually packaged with rigid plastic. Everything from cosmetics containers to cutlery is possible.



Production process

Seaweed to materials.

20% of processed algae matter is put aside as seaweed extracts for use on their other biobased inventions, while the other 80% get classified as seaweed by-products, further becoming Notpla Rigid through their specialized lab equipment. Notpla Rigid first comes in pellet form, after which it becomes ready for injection moulding.

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Notpla Rigid

Manufacturing facts


production time

Notpla Labs are especially equipped with scientists with whom brands can collaborate and tinker with a custom algae packaging that fits both their products, expectations and needs.

the factory

Behind the screen

Notpla Ooho

Notpla Rigid

Notpla Paper, Notpla Coating, Notpla Film, Notpla Pipette and Notpla Pearls – go check their website, some pretty good stuff is hiding there.


Rodrigo Garcia Gonzalez & Pierre Paslier


London, UK

time & place

Lucozade. Notpla replaced over 36,000 plastic cups and bottles at the annual London Marathon with their Ooho water bubbles. Just Eat. Notpla launched a seaweed coated food container with this partnership, causing ripples in the takeaway food industry and its plastic politics – which is vividly observable through their most recent involvement with Bidfood Catering Supplies, but also positively corrupting many takeaway food spots to use their Ooho packaging for finger-licking sauces too. By the way, the little Ooho doesn’t ever change the taste of the food as it’s nature makes it flavorless – so feel free to just throw him straight into your plate! Even Prince William paid Notpla’s headquarters a visit recently to steal a bite out of their organic material goodness.


Notpla Rigid
Notpla Rigid